I love the summertime, I love Austin in the summer. Summer is concerts, walking in the middle of a neighborhood street house party hopping, drinking whiskey on a porch, going for a run in the middle of the day, getting bitten by something, forgetting about said bite because there’s ranch dip and chips by the pool now, and laughing with your friends. This is the first summer in a long time that I have forgotten those stalemates. I, like many, may have taken those feelings for granted. Summer felt like fun. Every bit of it, even if the day held misery, it was misery in the sun. 


But the summer is still here, it’s actually just starting. Plenty of sun, to distract. That’s what I’m piecing together, what are we, if not a party you go to? What is 33Tigers now? I didn’t know. So I looked through customer notes, comments, even transactions. And something I have  rarely seen in our supper club days has become incredibly prevalent. A strange but amazing trend. So many of you use 33Tigers to gift someone else something they love or something new, a dirty chai, pastries, chili oil, WineRade. One customer routinely uses 33Tigers to surprise her unknowing friends with a breakfast kit (she lives in Spain and sends us notes about great conquerors from the past). She is not alone in this practice, well, the Genghis Khan quotes , yes, she is, but the gifting, no, that’s a generous spirit with a lot of you. 

Another thing we got in spades, was a request for spicier chai. I have never gotten a request for more spice (we toned it down at first, because of a few customers). When we did, y’all let us know, more spice, more flavor, don’t subdue, it’s not why people drink dirty chai. 


Seeing these new anomalies made me understand what we are, or should be now. We’re maybe the break, or a treat, a gift, a jar of flavor, a surprise, spice.  There’s a lot that needs to be done, but I think I realize it’s our job here at 33T to go ahead make sure it’s fun, it’s weird, it’s sometimes controversial, but moreover, practice creativity routinely and continue to fine-tune our products, content, and playlists. It’s our number one job.


It’s with that renewed enthusiasm, I implore y’all to check out our new website, easier to buy, yes, but there’s also a podcast (filled with expletives, jokes and analysis), a party pack, and some more things in the works. This summer is going to be weird, and eye opening, so let’s do it with enthusiasm, vim, and let’s make sure we strive for fun, even if we land in misery under the sun. (Tad darker than I would want to end a newsletter, but I think it sticks the landing). 


All orders must be in Saturday , 8 am, (yes we’ve also extended the deadline), for Sunday service! 


Stay safe out there, keep faith and drink (spicy) Dirty Chai. 





Who We Are

33Tigers has seen many iterations, but who we are remains the same. We are cooks, artists, hip hop heads, fire enthusiasts. All dedicated to making great food, great content and only the vvv best of vibes. 


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