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Our second oldest product, started out at Farmers Markets in Austin, back in 2015. Became our bestseller to this day. It’s spicy, unapologetic, slightly sweet and complex made up of a blend of hand-ground spices (cardamom, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, black pepper) house fermented peppers, our signature turmeric and ginger simple, local coffee, organic black tea, CruBom chocolate mix, and La Flaca salt. 


Heat it up with CruBom Horchata creamer, on ice with gin or bourbon for a cocktail, or ice cold from the jar. And we got a few ways you can get your Dirty Chai fix. 

A product born from quarantine, but here for the future. Add your two favorite bottles of wine, or not your faves (preferably one bubbly, one not), mix in local herbs, flowers when seasonal, La Flaca salt , fresh citrus juice and our signature turmeric and ginger simple. Literally electrolyte city mixed with wine. Serve cold, perfect for brunch, add a gin or tequila floater, we encourage as we do with food, to play with your wine.  

Naan croissants, an OG trailer classic. Making these pastries is a labor of love and the labor is worth it. Flaky and soft they're the perfect vessel for your breakfast/brunch dreams. Grab them by the 6-pack or subscribe to the Naan Croissant breakfast, which includes two croissants and a dirty chai latte

Who We Are

33Tigers has seen many iterations, but who we are remains the same. We are cooks, artists, hip hop heads, fire enthusiasts. All dedicated to making great food, great content and only the vvv best of vibes. 


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